#AgKids: 4 things you need to know about raising pigs

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Rhodi Brow has been involved in farming and agriculture all of his life. He lives on his family's farm near Kinnear called 3G (3 Generations) Hog Farm.

Rhodi will be starting third grade at Wind River Elementary this year, and although he's excited for school to start he's completely focused on his animals. Last week we met Rhodi in the pig barn at the Fremont County Fair & Rodeo to to find out everything there is to know about raising pigs.

Rhodi raised four pigs this year including Red, Fabulous, Velma, and Daphney. "Red is my favorite because it's my favorite color," Rhodi told County 10. His family has been working with these particular pigs since mid-March. Here's what Rhodi wants you to know about raising pigs:

1. Walk your pigs - "Pigs need lots of exercise to stay in good condition, so make sure you walk them often. Plus, walking them makes them hungry."

2. Water and feed the pigs - "Pigs love to eat, so you should always make sure they have enough food and water. Pigs need lots of protein."

3. Keep them cool - "Pigs get hot in Wyoming so we bathe them often to keep them cool. I think the pigs enjoy it because it makes them feel cool and clean."

4. Prepare them for showing - "The last thing you have to do to get your pig ready for show is to shave them with clippers. This helps make them look cleaner and it shows off their muscle."

"My favorite part about raising animals is getting to show them at the fair," Rhodi told County 10. "I have my family and a bunch of friends here so it's really fun."

Rhodi's Breeding Gilt earned Reserve Champion at the fair weighing 228 pounds. Rhodi told us he'll be a little bit sad to sell her, but he's excited about the money he'll earn. His mom Lyndsay White says the money will be put towards college, although Rhodi wasn't sure he agreed.


Rhodi (left) showing his pigs today at the fair.

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