Dispatch for Monday, August 15th

(Gillette, Wyo.) Here is the arrest summary for the weekend of August 12th, provided by the Campbell County Sheriff's Office. Some names have been withheld at the request of law enforcement. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.
Dakota Bellomy, 24, Gillette, public intoxication. Also cited for theft of services for allegedly refusing to pay his cab fare. His blood alcohol level was .273 at detention.
Aaron Breinholt, 41, Donna TX, warrant.
Ashley Brown, 26, Gillette, destruction of property, two charges of assault and battery, breach of peace.
John Bustos, 51, Gillette, bond revocation.
Salvatore Canzone, 49, Mt. Pleasant MS, warrant.
Kevin Dennis, 61, Gillette, breach of peace.
David Edgerson, 22, Gillette, battery.
Samantha Estell, 23, Gillette, three charges of assault and battery, destruction of property, breach of peace.
Jeffery Higgins, 50, Monroe IN, warrant.
Kurtis Johnston, 22, Gillette, sentenced prisoner.
Tabitha Koester, 33, Rozet, sentenced prisoner.
Lakota Marriott, 26, Gillette, DUI. Blood alcohol level was .236 at detention.
Mark Melick, 56, Gillette, DUI, failure to report an accident, no auto insurance.
Paul Pangrac, 61, Aladdin, sentenced prison.
Pablo Ramirez-Andrade, 32, Gillette, battery.
Mark Schiermeister, 21, Gillette, warrant.
Benita Smith, 37, Longmont CO, sentenced prisoner.
Mathew Watkins, 31, Gillette, warrant.
Vicki Wieseler, 58, Gillette, DUI. Her blood alcohol was .19 at detention.
Jason Worden, 40, Gillette, warrant, bench warrant.
A 14 year old was arrested for theft after allegedly running away from the YES House on a stolen BMX bike.
In total there were 27 arrests reported this weekend.
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