Local artist focuses his modern art on mixed mediums

(Jackson, Wyo.) - When Steven Glass saw a glass frame that his friend was going to throw away, for some reason he was drawn to it, so he took the piece home and painted on it.
This weekend, Steven is showing and selling his modern art at the Art Fair of Jackson Hole for the first time.
He was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, went to college for English at the University of New Mexico and received a MFA in Creative Writing and the Publishing Arts from University of Baltimore. He hadn't done much with art until graduate school, where he was greatly influenced by his teachers.
"I went [to graduate school] for writing, but part of the program you would take whatever writing you did, compile it into a book and design the book. So I got into graphic design and how things looked. I also had some really cool teachers," he said.
Then, that fateful night in Baltimore during grad school, Steven found his first piece of glass and painted it.
"I really liked it and thought it was cool so for a while after that, I was obsessed with finding pieces of glass and painting them," he said.
When he moved to Jackson and got involved in the Art Association, Mark Nowlin encouraged him to purchase the pieces of glass he needed for his art.
"That was something that hadn't even dawned on me," he laughed.
He continues to paint on glass, but has also expanded to working with wood, and using spray paint, paint markers, paint sticks and some screen printing. In May for an art show at the Center for the Arts called "BIG YEAR OF WEIRD," most of his pieces were done on a composite material called melamine.
"Glass’ inherent textural influences of working with different surfaces are reflected within his exhibition at The Center. This latest body of work reveals the artist’s creative writing background by exploring shadows, graffiti techniques, and a bright color palette," stated a Center for the Arts description of Steven's "BIG YEAR OF WEIRD" exhibition.
This weekend, Steven will be selling his art at the 50th Anniversary Art Fair of Jackson Hole. He had some shirts and hats made with his art on it to sell at the Art Fair along with his original work. He will also be selling at the Takin It to the Streets Fair in September and is preparing for a show in New York City in the Fall.
Check out more of Steven's at the 50th Annual Art Fair of Jackson Hole this weekend, August 12-14, in Miller Park.
Feature Photo: (Left) Steven Glass, (Right) Two peices of Steven Glass' art. h/t Steven Glass
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