Trim those trees before school begins

(Casper, Wyo.) - With the start of school fast approaching, the City of Casper would like to remind commercial and residential property owners and tenants to remove or trim any overgrown tree limbs, shrubs, bushes, or other vegetation that obstructs visibility for traffic, alley access for vehicles, and the walkability for pedestrians on sidewalks and crosswalks.

To ensure compliance with City ordinances, ask yourself these questions:
  • Can pedestrians walk safely down the sidewalks?
  • Do vehicles have a clear view of street signs, crosswalks, traffic signs, stop signs, and oncoming traffic at intersections? Can City service vehicles and other traffic navigate safely down the alleys?
  • Can your dumpster be emptied without interference from overhanging branches?
If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then it is time to take action. City ordinances require that trees, bushes, and shrubs that overhang a street, alley, or sidewalk need to be trimmed to at least 15 feet above the surface of the street or alley, and 8 feet above the sidewalk.

Trees, bushes, shrubs, and other growth need to be cut back to the property line along the street, alley, or sidewalk to allow clear access for either vehicles or pedestrian traffic.

Tree limbs and clippings can be taken to the compost yard at the City of Casper Solid Waste Facility for no charge. For additional information, contact Code Enforcement at (307) 235-8254.

Information can also be obtained via the City’s website at

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