Local artist Sarah Tams pours her heart into silver and stone jewelry

(Jackson, Wyo.) - "It is amazing to me to be walking down the street or at dinner and see someone wearing one of my pieces [of jewelry]," said local jewelry artist Sarah Tams. "Someone walked out of their house, into the world, and chose to put a piece of my art on their body that I made with my hands."
Although jewelry artist Sarah Tams just officially moved here one year ago, her heart has always been in Jackson Hole.
Her grandparents met on a dude ranch here in 1937 and later purchased a home together in Pacific Creek. Tams grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, but spent vacations in Jackson Hole. For the last 10 years, she has been spending more and more time here.
It was 10 years ago in Jackson where Tams found her passion. She has a BFA in painting, drawing and sculpture, and a graphic design degree, but wasn't sure which medium to pursue. She had worked at a publishing house as a graphic designer, but quickly learned that an office job wasn't for her.
"I was a little lost on which art path I was going to take. It was always art, but I didn't quite know what," she said. "One time when I was just randomly in town I took a weekend silver smithing course at the Art Association that was it."
Following that class, she taught herself much of what she knows today. She also got involved in the local art community.
"It is phenomenal for an artist to grow in this environment," she said.
As for her style, she says that her art constantly evolves. She began with silver pieces, then in the last few years began incorporating stones into the jewelry.
"I have your basic stacking ring bands to huge intricate turquoise pieces that have really become my passion the last few years," said Tams. "I didn't used to use a lot of stones, but once I started it took over. It is hard not fall madly in love with them."
Tams says she wouldn't describe her jewelry as rustic, but doesn't typically make her pieces high shine.
"This ring (shown in the photo of Tams above) evolved from river rocks. I have this thing for river rocks and the way that they flow in a river and how they are all completely different but create this one pattern design," she said.
This weekend, Tams will be selling her jewelry at the Art Fair of Jackson Hole. Her work is also for sale online, at both Made locations, at Bootlegger on Town Square and a few of her necklaces are at Altitude.
"For me, it's a fun weekend," she said about Art Fair. "It is a way to see great people and I get a lot of repeat customers to come find me at the show. I think they are making some amazing changes by including different kinds of music, the happy hour and adding more food trucks."
Learn more about Sarah Tams Jewelry at www.sarahtams.com and check out more of her work at booth #3 at the 50th Annual Art Fair of Jackson Hole this weekend, August 12-14, in Miller Park.
Feature Photo: (Right) Sarah Tams. (Left) Sarah Tams Jewelry. h/t Sarah Tams
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