RTO Tire Factory: Be sure your kids' vehicles are in tip-top shape for the school year

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Summer is coming to an end and that means another school year for the kids! Whether you have a teen in highschool or one going off to college, it's important that their vehicles are in good working order for the upcoming year!
Bring your kids' vehicles in to RTO Tire Factory or RTO Hilltop Tire Factory and they will take care of everything, so you can be at ease as your children pull out of the driveway! "It's important to get your kids' vehicles a good check up to be sure it'll make it another year," explained Joe Stanbury, RTO Owner. "Especially for those of you who have college students traveling back to college."
Tires, brakes, oil, engine; basically a full service and check up is necessary. Going on now, if you buy 4 Hankook tires, you can get a rebate of up to $100.00! Call RTO today and schedule a full service!
ā€‹The new paint is on at both shops and the new signs are on their way! Though RTO is re-branding themselves, they are still under the same ownership and people.
RTO Tire Factory, 613 S Federal Blvd, Riverton, WY 82501, 307-856-9744
RTO Hilltop Tire Factory, 912 West Main, Riverton, Wyoming 82501, 307-856-1412
Feature Image: h/t Carissa Rogers via flickr.
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