Brothers Make Skis in the Tetons for the Tetons

(Victor, Idaho) - Sego Skis out of Victor, Idaho focuses on three things -- a great experience, with an organic feel but with professional standards.
Brothers Tim and Peter Wells initially took very different paths after growing up in Ithaca, New York. Tim worked in real estate development and has extensive experience in finance. Peter spent time indulging his love for climbing and skiing in the Adirondacks, Wasatch and the Peruvian Andes.
Five years ago, the brother came together to build their first ski company in Portland, Oregon. After parting ways with a business partner with a different vision, they moved to Teton Valley to start their second ski company, Sego Ski Co.
"We wanted to be close to the mountains. It was driven by lifestyle, what we wanted out of where we lived and Jackson and Victor fit the bill," said Tim.
Sego has a 5,500 sq. ft. building in Victor where they design and manufacture the skis and sell through their showroom. They also sell skis through their website and in retail locations throughout the west.
"[Sego Skis] are high quality skis made with the finest materials that anyone can source, so that is the foundation," said Peter. "Beyond that, we innovate a lot, we are always trying new shapes and designs. Our ski designs are driven by our athletes."
They also have a large focus on women's skis. According to Peter, most small to medium ski manufacturers don't carry full ski lines for women.
"We are trying to redefine what it means to have woman's skis," said Peter. "Lynsey Dyer is a big helper in designing these skis."
This afternoon, Sego Skis will present at Silicon Couloir's 5th Annual Pitch Day. Tim says that they are actively seeking investors to help facilitate quicker growth for the company. This winter, they will manufacture 1,000 pairs of skis, but would like to grow to producing 10,000 pairs per year.
"What we hope to get out of Pitch Day is to get in front of people," said Tim. "We hope meet new investors and have them be a part of our raise. It is great practice to go through the process and mentoring with Silicon Couloir, so that has been great already and it culminates with Pitch Day. Our goal is obviously to win."
Learn more about Sego Skis at and check out their presentation at Pitch Day today August 10, from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Center for the Arts.
Feature Photo: Screenshot from the Sego Ski Factory Video.
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