I'm cute. I need shots. I want you to save money. This is how.

We LOVE our pets.... Fido is always there when we get home at night. We can't stop making cute videos of our cats chasing a ball of string and posting them.....everywhere.
But seriously back to school season takes STRESS to a new level. You have to buy supplies, schedules change, sports start, life gets hectic and expensive fast! If your dog or cat are due for vaccinations this time of year - whew!! It can be easy for a pet owner to say "next month we'll get it handled."
Don't worry, we get it. We've been there. That's why we came up with our Back to School Vaccination Clinic.
Wind River Veterinary Service in Lander is making it super easy to get your furry friend covered. It's Back to School Vaccination Clinic Week!! THIS WEEK ONLY through Friday, August 12th, to help out during this busy and expensive time of year we're offering up to 33% off all our vaccinations for dogs and cats.
It really is this simple, if your dog or cat is due for vaccinations just bring them over between 8am and 5pm this week. We've made lots of room in the schedule for walk-ins and we'll get you in and out in about 20 minutes.
This week only through Friday, August 12th:
$10 - Rabies
$20 - Distemper/Parvo
$15 - Bordatella inj. (kennel cough)
$15 - Rattlesnake vaccine
$10 - Rabies
$15 - Distemper
$20 - Leukemia
Dogs and cats should both have annual boosters and young animals should be vaccinated at 2, 3 and 4 months old. Don't wait! Keep your pets healthy and save some money this week at Wind River Vet Service in Lander.
Wind River Veterinary Service
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