Herschler officially closes today for construction

To reduce costs, shorten the construction process and limit disruption to the public and state government activities, the west wing of the Herschler Building will be occupied while the east wing is renovated first. On August 9, the State of Wyoming turned over the care and custody of the east wing of the Herschler Building, the atrium, B-63, and all of the underground parking garage to JE Dunn Construction. This portion of the building is now an active construction site and closed to the public.

The Capitol Extension cannot accommodate all of the displaced functions from the Capitol. The Herschler Building, due to its proximity to the Capitol and the Extension, is the most logical location to house these functions. The building will also be used to relocate some of the infrastructure needed to support the Capitol Complex. However, in order to accommodate these needs, the building must be reconfigured and expanded. Read more about the remodel and expansion of the Herschler Building.

h/t Wyoming Department of Administration and Information

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