Catholic school's golf fundraiser was a success

This weekend, the community gathered for the 11th Annual Holy Name Golf Tournament, which serves as a back-to-school fundraiser for Holy Name Catholic School.

Nineteen teams and 76 players participated in the tournament at Kendrick Golf Course.

The top team with a low gross score of 55 included Ken and Pete Schulte and Jason and Steve Spielman. The team with the low net score of 51.8 included Michelle Meehan, Michael Greer and Brett and Gentry Lattin.

Last year, the tournament raised $26,000 to support the Holy Name Catholic School, and the ten year total is over $140,000. Organizers are still tallying funds raised this weekend.

“The event was a great success, and a lot of fun,” Organizer Jerry Pilch said. “We want to say thank you to everyone involved, including the golfers, sponsors, and everyone in the committee who make this year's tournament a success.”

The money raised will go toward school operations and classroom supplies. Holy Name Catholic School Principal extended a special thank you to Pilch and Bernie Spielman for organizing the annual event.

1st Gross 55 1st Net 51.8
Ken Schulte Michelle Meehan
Pete Schulte Michael Greer
Jason Spielman Brett Lattin
Steve Spielman Gentry Lattin

2nd Gross 58 2nd Net 52.6
Steve Kennedy John Barnes
Rich Behlow Janet Barnes
Mike Hardesty Ray Austin
Jay Hardesty Thomas Dykhorst

Tie for 3rd Gross 61 3rd Net 55
Bob Benjamin Marlene Ethier
Denton Alley Larry Ethier
Levi Jorgenson Maurita Meehan
Mike Saxton Pat Meehan

Tie for 3rd Gross 61 4th Net 56.5
Mark Bell Walt Austin
Tyler Inglerhart Walt Wragge
Matt Parker Leonard Hurst
Quinton Hogelin Tom O'Leary

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