Chavis held hostage at knife point for release of government files

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday, August 5th shortly after 8:00 am local law enforcement was informed that an individual, later identified in court records as David Chavis, had entered an office at 800 Werner Court in Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming and taken a known unnamed citizen hostage.
Court records indicate that Chavis was threatening to kill the man and was holding a box cutter type knife to his throat.
Reports continue to show that law enforcement arrived on scene and surrounded the building and premises. Chavis made repeated demands for certain government files that were not released in court records. Reports show that that law enforcement at the scene witnessed Chavis holding the knife to the throat of the male and threatened to cut or kill him if the files were not provided to him.
Court records continue, with the hostage in imminent danger, law enforcement entered the scene and removed the hostage and Chavis was arrested. Neither person nor law enforcement suffered serious injury during the operation.
Officers would later speak with the victim who stated, he had gone to work that day to his office at Werner Court. He continued to describe that Chavis entered his office and held him at knife point, threatening to kill or him him over a period of four hours. He stated that he was freed by officers entering the office and arresting Chavis. He stated that he was threatened with the knife on multiple occasions.
When speaking with Chavis, he stated, he was holding the victim hostage because he wanted files he believed the government had concerning him, and that if he received the files he would let the victim go.
Court records continue to show that the victim had injuries on his neck consistent with his testimony.
Officers were informed following the incident that Chavis made statements that he had taken the victim hostage in order to force the government to release files to him and that he was going to sue the government and make a lot of money, according to reports.
This afternoon, Chavis met for his initial appearance where he was read his three felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (possible penalty 20 yrs-life), threatening another with a deadly weapon (maximum 5 yrs.), and possession of a deadly weapon (maximum 5 yrs). If convicted of the three crimes, he could face 35 years to life.
His bond was set at $100,000 cash and he will await his Preliminary Hearing.
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