Recent arrests around Laramie County

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Here's a recap of arrests from around Laramie County. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Laramie County District Attorney’s Office.

Brandon Adams, 25, transient, Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance.
Kyle Barber, 27, Wellington, Colo., DUI and Possession of Marijuana.
Zachary Bechtle, 27, Cheyenne, DUI, Failure to Maintain Lane and Expired/Improper Registration.
Kevin Bolejack, 52, Cheyenne, Strangulation of a Household Member and District Court Warrant.
Jordan Brocius, 25, (no home town listed), DUI, Suspended Driver's License, Open Intoxicant, Resisting Arrest, and Profane/Obscene/Provocative Language.
Dustin Bruckner, 25, Cheyenne, District Court Warrant.
Robert Butler, 42, Cheyenne, US Marshal Hold, Failure to PAy, and Possession of Methamphetamine-type drug.
Jorge Cabral Oliveros, 42, Rock Springs, DUI - Controlled Substance and Alcohol and Possession of Methamphetamine-type drug.
Ruben Campos, 27, Cheyenne, Falsely Obtaining Goods/Services and Public Intoxication.
Troy Casper, 42, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear and Failure to Comply.
Smaly Schham, 20, Westminster, Colo., Domestic Battery.
Sundee Cunningham, 42, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.
Ralph Curry, 32, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery, Stalking and Failure to Appear.
Joey Easterwood, 27, Cheyenne, Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance.
George Finocchiaro, 52, transient, Failure to Appear.
Wayne Fisher, 43, transient, Unlawful Entry Onto Property and Refusing to Obey.
Anthony Garcia Jr., 43, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear, Crosswalk Row, Driving Under Suspension, Tampering/Deceiving Interlock Device, No Liability Insurance, Expired/Improper Registration and Open Container.
Megan Garcia, 38, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Nickolai Gasowski, 32, Cheyenne, Burglary - Aggravated and Property Destruction.
Paul Griego, 50, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.
Harold Hanson, 48, Cheyenne, Court Ordered Hold.
Fernando Hernandez, 41, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest and Open Intoxicant.
Dean Jackson, 26, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Asa Jake, 38, Cheyenne, Breach of Peace, Interference with Peace Officer, and Pedestrian Under the Influence.
Heather Keever, 30, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply.
Bravo Korbett, 46, Cheyenne, DUI - Controlled Substance, Proof of Liability Insurance, and two Failures to Appear.
Jennifer Marquez, 31, Cheyenne, Violate Protection Order.
Anne Mawk, 28, Cheyenne, two Failure to Appear and Failure to Comply.
Joseph Mitchell, 38, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery and Interference with Emergency Call.
Anthony Moralez, 40, Cheyenne, Breach of Peace, Pedestrian Under the Influence, and Interference with a Peace Officer.
Donat'e Morgan, 29, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery.
Andres Navarro, 18, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Antoinette Nord, 58, Cheyenne, Possession of Methamphetamine-type drug and Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance.
Austin Olmos, 21, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear, Probation Violation, Interference with Peace Officer, and Possession of Methamphetamine-type drug.
Adam Palomo, 33, Cheyenne, Breach of Peace, Interference with Peace Officer and Pedestrian Under the Influence.
Axl Pinto, 23, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Kevin Porter, 32, (no hometown listed), Shoplifting, Refusing to Obey and Resisting Arrest.
Tayler Powers, 23, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply.
Brenda Randall, 49, (no hometown listed), Warrant.
Lisa Reina, 48, Scottsbluff, Neb., Possession of Cocaine/Heroin-type drug.
Gabriel Roybal, 31, Casper, Public Intoxication and Interfering/Obstructing.
Richard Stott, 41, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Open Intoxicant.
Xavier Taylor, 24, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply.
Isaiah Valero, 22, transient, Interfering/Obstructing.
David Weber, 30, Westminster, Colo., Failure to Comply.
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