New Wildland Fire Ignited Near Fawn Pass in Yellowstone

(Yellowstone) - The Fawn Fire is now burning in Yellowstone National Park near Fawn Pass.
Here is what we know about the Fawn fire:
  • Reported Wednesday night, August 4, by an outfitter.
  • Located in the Fawn Pass area, in the northwest section of Yellowstone National Park.
  • Currently one acre
  • Creeping through ground vegetation in a Engelmann spruce forest.
  • Likely caused by lightning.
  • The superintendent has approved a plan to monitor the fire and provide structure protection when needed.
  • Three fire monitors are en route to the fire, today, Thursday, August 5, to study the weather and fire behavior.
  • Additional fire personnel will travel to the Fawn Pass cabin today to evaluate risk and determine how to protect it in the event that the fire reaches the cabin.
  • A remote fire monitoring camera will be set up near the fire to help manage risk and reduce the need for helicopter flights.
Potential trail, campsite, or area closures will be evaluated once more information has been collected.
Feature Photo: Fire in Yellowstone from last summer. h/t Yellowstone National Park / Pitchengine Communities
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