Early Voting Available in Gillette; Here's where to vote on Election Day

(Gillette, Wyo.) Primary elections are two weeks away. For those who will be out and about on Tuesday, August 16th, we've put together a list of the polling places in Campbell County. The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on election day. If you are unsure what precinct or district you are in, the Secretary of State has a polling place locator that will tell you by zip code and house address where you need to be.

If these locations are not convenient for you on election day, you can also vote by absentee ballot prior to August 16th. Stop by the Campbell County Board of Elections site located on the first floor of the Campbell County Courthouse, at 500 South Gillette Avenue. Early voting is open via absentee ballot from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, until August 15th.

Cam-Plex Wyoming Center
  • District 1, Precincts 1-16 (Gillette City Limits)
  • District 2, Precinct 1 (Champion Ventures, Wrangler Estates, Los Caballos, Jodozi / Denison Subdivisions)
  • District 3, Precinct 1 (west of Gillette)
  • District 5, Precinct 1 (Antelope Valley)
  • District 9, Precinct 1 (north of West 4-J Road, city limits south of I-90)
  • District 18, Precinct 1 (Wyodak, Freedom Hills)
  • District 19, Precinct 1 (Nickelson Little Farms, South Union Chapel Road)
  • District 22, Precinct 1 (East Sleepy Hollow Blvd, East Irving Blvd.)
  • District 24, Precinct 1 (West Sleepy Hollow Blvd., West Irving Blvd to Highway 59)
  • District 26, Precinct 1 (County land within the City, Country Club, East 2nd, Rawhide Subdivision)

Rawhide School
District 6, Precinct 1
  • Green Valley Estates
  • Pine View Estates
  • Rawhide Village

Recluse Community Hall
District 7, Precinct 1
  • Recluse
  • West of Bowers Ute and Hart Road
Little Powder School
District 8, Precinct 1
  • Weston
  • Rockypoint
  • East of Bowers Ute and Hart Road
4-J School
District 13, Precinct 1
  • South of Buffalo Cut Across to County Line
Wright Town Hall
District 14, Precincts 1 & 2
  • Wright (inside town limits and surrounding)
First Methodist Church
District 23, Precinct 1
  • Concho Valley
  • Small Buttes
  • Donkey Creek
  • Wind Dancer
  • Part of Stonegate
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