US House hopefuls petitioned for Wyoming seat Tuesday in Casper

(Casper, Wyo.) - The US House Wyoming Debate continued Tuesday night with seven Republican candidates sharing their views on Wyoming and National issues.
The classic debate, allowing each candidate a chance to answer a question, then the others could respond, was more of a chance for candidates to share their views, rather than a debate with one another on issues.
The two Democratic candidates, Ryan Greene and Charlie Hardy began the forum earlier in the day, followed by the Republican candidates.
Four candidates took to the lime light for the final debate of the day: Leland Christensen of Alta, Wyoming; Darin Smith of Cheyenne, Wyoming; Tim Stubson of Casper, Wyoming; and Liz Cheney of Wilson, Wyoming.
The candidates first had a chance to open up and talk about why they elected to run.
Smith commented: "Howdy Wyoming, I am Wyoming tough, the right mix and ready to go toe to toe with anybody or any issue. I am sick and tired of politics and ready to jerk this train back onto the tracks. I will focus on ideas that still matter, and I want to you to help Mr. Smith go to Washington."
With eight years of political experience, Liz Cheney says she'll hit the ground running in Washington and work to defend the coal industry by rolling back the EPA and BLM. She looks to restore American freedoms that have been lost.
Twenty-year lawman Leland Christensen, with a history in Wyoming, brings his commitment and experience to the position and looks to take on the tough issues.
Candidate Tim Stubson opened with: "I love this state, this is my home. I am going to work to protect our rights in Wyoming, and I am someone who knows our issues and our people."
One question that was brought to the group: What cuts, if any can or do you plan to make at the Federal Level?
It was Cheney's chance to answer first and she commented: "Overreach of the Federal Government is a growing issue. Overreach from the EPA, BLM and the Department of Education. The Department of Education does not benefit our Wyoming kids. I look to repeal Obamacare and put in new policies."
With a chance to tackle the question, Stubson said, "I want to see a fundamental change and broad based cuts, cutting out the Federal Government scopes."
Christensen looks to "trim back and streamline the cuts," and Smith wants to hold congress accountable and hold them to the laws that they make.
Another question addressed was whether Wyoming is energy secure or energy independent.
All candidates agreed that Wyoming is not energy independent at this time. Christensen felt that we need to get there, and Stubson looks to an "energy revolution," some type of strategy that uses all of Wyoming's energies. Smith is hopeful to "promote our product, our natural gas."
Changes to Obamacare and healthcare issues?
"Clearly not the answer," said Stubson.
Cheney: "Repeal Obamacare, it does not work."
Smith: "The free market is always the answer."
"I agree we should look to repeal it," Christensen.
The idea of allowing Wyoming residents the opportunity to shop for healthcare across state lines was also brought up as a possible future solution.
Federal lands in public hands? The candidates all felt federal lands should be left to the public, with maintenance and care.
The group was asked for their thoughts about federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
Smith had the first response: "Abortions are abominable. I look to de-fund Planned Parenthood completely. I will fight for life at both ends of the spectrum."
Christensen: "A wide variety of federal funding should go somewhere else, and that rings true for Planned Parenthood. We can fund public and private clinics that do the same things as Planned Parenthood."
Stubson claimed, "I am pro-life. The key issue is the federal government wants to use your tax money to fund abortions."
Cheney agreed with Smith and wants to end all funding to Planned Parenthood and "shut that organization down."
Following the question and answer session, candidates had a chance to shoot out closing remarks before the August 16th Primary Election:
Stubson: "Two things: danger and opportunity. The key is, I aim to move Wyoming away from the boom and bust cycle and reach for new opportunities. We need a representative that represents us, a voice in Washington that voices our passions into the future and I am that Representative."
Christensen: "Character and commitment. I bring a track record of commitment to this state. I know how to bring people together to work together. I am the candidate who can hit the ground running, who has been here and served here and served the citizens everyday."
Cheney: "Look at the records on this stage, I have deep roots in this state. We are in a crisis place, and I am the candidate in this race who will work to help Wyoming."
Smith: "I am a winner in the real world and I have the right mix to serve our state. Do Wyoming a favor and send Mr. Smith to Washington."
Three other Republicans candidates debated or shared about similar issues earlier on Tuesday evening. More information about candidates, Mike Konsmo, Jason Adam Senteney and Paul Paad to come. Candidate Heath Beaudry was not able to attend the Tuesday evening debates.
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