#HappeningNOW: UNNAMED & UNTAMED the Monster Truck is at Fremont Toyota for the day!

Get a VIP look at UNNAMED & UNTAMED the Monster Truck before it's off to the Monster Truck Rally tomorrow!
This hot rod monster, UNNAMED & UNTAMED will be at Fremont Toyota in Lander all day. So for all you mean machine lovers out there: Stop by and bring the kids (they love this by the way ;) for a VIP look at a monster truck up close!
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A once classic, '42 Dodge Panel Wagon body has now been transformed into a 1400 horsepower, 10,000 lb beast!
Sporting 26 in. Nitrogen Shocks, a 598 in. Chevy, 871 Blower Alcohol and giant 66" x 43" wide tires- Sturges Motorsports out of Tucson, AZ has jacked this truck up for the Fremont County Fair's Monster Truck Rally.
Root for UNNAMED & UNTAMED at the Monster Truck Rally tomorrow night! Thursday, August 4th at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $15-Adults, $8-kids.
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