Breaking: Layoffs begin within City workforce

(Gillette, Wyo.) This morning the City of Gillette announced in a statement that due to the struggling economy and decline in sales tax, they have begun reducing their staff. This, they say, is in order to "bring expenses in line with the current revenue picture"
Over the past few days, the City has laid off nine employees. These workers were with a variety of different departments, including public works and administrative services. They claim this reduction in workforce will generate an annual savings of $661,682 in the General Fund.
"The decision to reduce staff was not taken lightly by City Administration or without significant review by the Mayor and City Council," the statement read. "The City is hopeful that another workforce reduction will not be needed in the future."
These layoffs are in addition to 22.5 positions that have been left vacant over the past year. Almost all were full time positions across the city, left open by retirement, and people leaving the city after mine layoffs in March.
"There are some positions, like police officers, for public safety reasons we won't sacrifice for the budget," said Human Resources Director John Aguirre. "We saw the sales tax revenue decline coming ahead of time. As a position become vacant [over the past year], we'd assess that position, the need for it, and measure that against the level of service that we need to maintain for a good quality of service to our residents."
Aguirre says funding for those positions was removed from the most recent city budget as a result.
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