Congrats to the local winners of the Sinks Canyon Photo Contest!

Water Snakes, Great Blue Herons, Moose and many other critters were featured in this year’s Sinks Canyon State Park Photo Contest. The winners were picked Tuesday morning from over one hundred and twenty entries, and many local photographers won ribbons and prize money.

“We had a very strong year for wildlife shots,” said Park Superintendent Darrel Trembly. “There are some great photographers working in this area."

The Best of Show was awarded to Nancy Alley of Lander for her shot of a garter snake in lush green grass. Alley won $200 and a ribbon.

In the wildlife category first place was won by Lander’s Amy Kenworthy for her shot of Great Blue Herons building a nest. She won $100 and a ribbon. In second was Gene Schmidt’s Kestrel. Schmidt won $60 and a ribbon. In third Nancy Alley won for her portrait of a surprised squirrel. She won $40 and a ribbon. Honorable mention ribbons in wildlife went to Schmidt, Stephanie Binns and Carolyn Orr.

In the flora category first place was won by Victoria Boehmer of Lander for her shot of a Sego Lily. In second in flora was Virginia W. Hartman, and third was won by Garhart Stephenson of Hudson.

Honorable mentions in this category went to Brian Zinke, Victoria Boehmer, Amy Kenworthy, and Virginia W. Hartman.

In potpourri first place was won by a fisherman on an alpine lake by Garhart Stephenson. Don Rood of Riverton won second with an aerial of the falls trail bridge and third went to Gabe Adams. Cindy Hayford, Linda Rood and Don Rood won honorable mention ribbons.

In scenic Bill Alley took first for a sunny shot of a rock in the Little Popo Agie. Will Maxwell won second for a shot of the Falls swimming hole, and Amy Kenworthy took third. Honorable mention ribbons went to Gabe Adams, Bill Alley, Will Maxwell, Aidan Hayford, and Garhart Stephenson.

The winning photos will be on display in the park visitor center through Labor Day. They will then be at contest sponsor Westward Heights for the month of September, and after that at the Museum of the American West. Non-winning shots can be viewed on the visitor center television.

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