Recent arrests around Laramie County

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Here's a recap of arrests from around Laramie County from July 29-31. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Laramie County District Attorney’s Office.

Eugene Banks, 26, Cheyenne, Perjury.
Maurice Bell, 32, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest.
Greg Bingham, 29, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.
David Carreto, 47, Cheyenne, DUI and Violation of a Protection Order.
Brice Carter, 32, Cheyenne, Probation Violation and Interference with a Peace Officer.
Amber Channel, 25, Thornton, Colo., DUI and Speeding.
Paul Collins, 61, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.
Curtis Comstock, 40, Cheyenne, Warrant.
Nathan Dobbin, 33, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest.
Johnathan Dolesy, 38, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Interfering/Obstructing.
Joseph Dominguez, 20, Cheyenne, Failure to Pay and Failure to Appear.
Dustin Fabela, 28, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.
Wayne Fisher, 43, transient, Giving False Identity and Take/Carry Away from public building.
Megan Gannon, 36, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery.
Isaac Gonzales, 21, Cheyenne, Fighting in Public.
Glenn Green, 40, Cheyenne, Suspended Driver's License and Failure to Pay.
Brandon Griffin, 31, Cheyenne, felony Theft.
Anthony Hernandez, 31, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery and District Court Warrant.
Lesley Jackson Sr., 60, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery and Domestic Violence.
Jessica Mallon, 34, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Naomi Marlin, 27, Cheyenne, Refusing to Obey.
Jason Martinez, 39, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear, three District Court Warrants, Interference with a Peace Officer, Reckless Driving, Larceny - Shoplifting, Failure to Appear and Failure to Comply.
Patrick Martinez, 59, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear and Public Intoxication.
Jennifer Mathews, 24, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Kyle McCroskey, 41, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest.
David McGuire, 49, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply and Failure to Appear.
Joseph Munoz Jr., 47, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.
Timothy Odell, 31, Cheyenne, Probation/Parole Violation.
Alexandra Olesinski, 25, Cheyenne, DUI and Speeding.
Nicolas Peairs, 30, Arvada, Colo., Public Intoxication.
Richard Pfaff, 29, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication.
Tairah Randolph, 23, transient, Public Intoxication.
Maria Sanchez, 29, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Kai Smith, 22, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Carson Souther, 26, Greeley, Colo., DUI and Headlight Violation.
Tina Stegman, 54, Cheyenne, Protection Order Violation and Joyriding - Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle.
Roy Stewart, 56, Cheyenne, Violation of a Protection Order.
Joseph Story, 36, Cheyenne, Speeding and DUI with a Child Passenger.
Jailey Tomjack, 29, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Emily Towns, 20, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply and three Failures to Appear.
Courtney Tracy, 31, Cheyenne, DUI and Turn Signal Required.
Derek Turman Jr., 23, Cheyenne, Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Methamphetamine-type drug, and Interference with a Peace Officer.
Chaz Ulrich, 25, Cheyenne, Probation/Parole Violation.
Bryson Velasquez, 22, Cheyenne, DUI - Controlled Substance and Alcohol, Possession of a Controlled Substance and a Red Light Violation.
Jamie Wittmann, 23, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery.
Douglas Wood, 53, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear, Failure to Comply, Fleeing/Eluding and Driver's License Violation.
John Ward, 23, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear.
Colleen Willow, 29, transient, Communications Corrections Rejection.
Raymond Wyatt, 75, Burns, DUI.
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