Gallery: Summer Youth Dance Party was a hit

Many Fremont County youth showed up to Saturday's Summer Youth Dance Party & Giveaway presented by Behappenin ENT at the Wind River Hotel & Casino.

The drug and alcohol free dance party, with food, prizes, and entertainment for the youth, was put on by local DJ Joey Behan.

"As you all know, families and individuals in our community want more fun and safe activities for our children, without having to worry about the use of drugs or alcohol," Joey said. "While all of us are susceptible to hard times, it's nice when we can give back to our community."


Tickets were drawn and prizes were distributed.


All the Behappenin ENT volunteers could be found wearing these awesome shirts.


Some were shy, but those who weren't ,were captured grooving to the music upon the dance floor.


Some parents came with their teens to get in on the fun as well.


What an awesome event for Fremont County!

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