Casper man arrested for allegedly strangling ex-girlfriend with cord

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Saturday, July 30th at approximately 9:26 pm Casper Police Officers responded to Ivy Lane for a report of a physical fight at a residence.
Reports show that a woman reported that her boyfriend had assaulted and choked her with a cord. She reported that she was hiding in the bedroom and her boyfriend was standing outside of the residence.
Reports show that officers arrived on scene to the residence and observed a man standing in the driveway of the residence, identified as thirty-three year old Jeffrey Kordonowy. Officers questioned Kordonowy if he had been involved in an altercation with the woman and he advised that he had not.
Officers then spoke with another woman at the location who advised that she had been told by her daughter that Kordonowy had physically assaulted and choked the woman with a cord. She told officers that she had gone to the residence with the woman to move some of her belongings from the residence.
The woman then spoke with officers who advised that she had recently ended a relationship with Kordonowy and both of them were living at the residence. She was at the residence with family members to get her property out of the home, after receiving text messages from Kordonowy asking her to remove her items.
She reported in court records that she was in the basement of the residence gathering items and she began walking up stairs into the garage. According to reports, Kordonowy came up from behind her and wrapped a yellow colored cord around her throat and began choking her. She was able to pull free from the cord and ran to the bedroom.
Officers observed red marks on her neck and upon investigation of the residence they found a yellow colored cord in the basement.
Reports show that they spoke with Kordonowy again, who denied the incident and claimed he had not been involved in any type of physical altercation with the woman and denied choking her. He claimed in court records that he believed the woman had inflicted the injury to herself and he believed the family was setting him up.
He was arrested for strangulation of a household member and domestic battery.
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