County offers free brush pile chipping this Saturday

(Teton County, Wyo.) - Thanks to a grant awarded to the Teton Area Wildfire Protection Coalition (TAWPC), residents can get brush piles chipped free of charge this Saturday, August 6.

The chipper will be located in three locations in northern Teton County as indicated on the map (below). Residents are encouraged to bring vegetative materials from home fuels reduction work of less than 6" diameter to the chipper for processing and disposal.

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Times and locations for free chipping this Saturday. h/t Kathy Clay.

"One of the many things a homeowner can do to make their property fire resilient is to remove limbs of conifers up 6-8 feet off the ground," said Bridger-Teton National Forest TWPAC agency prevention specialist, Lesley Williams-Gomez. "The branches a homeowner collects doing this important work are perfect for the chipper project."

TAWPC encourages homeowners to take Firewise measures in preparing their property for wildland fire. Information can be found at Teton Area Wildfire Protection Coalition and Home - Firewise .

"The many partners of TAWPC work together to assist and educate the public to prepare for wildland fire," commented Fire Marshal Kathy Clay. "We hope the community will take advantage of this event to reduce fuels around their homes."

Clay encourages homeowners to recognize and take action on the many things that can be done before a wildland fire threatens their property.

"Learning to live with fire will help us all get through wildland fire events with increased safety and reduced loss," she added.

Feature Photo: A Chipper. h/t Firewise / Pitchengine Communities

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