Chip Sealing is happening on several local roads this week

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Town of Jackson’s Public Works Department will begin several chip sealing projects this week.
On Tuesday, August 2 starting at 9:00 a.m., crews will begin chip sealing South Park Loop Road between Boyles Hill and Gregory Lane. A pilot car will be utilized to escort traffic past worker crews. Also on Tuesday, crews will chip seal Virginian Lane between Snow King Avenue and Broadway. Town crews will be posting No Parking signs along portions of Virginian Lane so that this project can be accomplished. The Town will not be applying a fog coat to these projects, so once the chip seal is complete vehicles will be able to utilize the roadway.
On Wednesday, August 3, Town crews will begin chip sealing Snow King Avenue between Milward Street and Flat Creek Drive. Once this portion is complete crews will work on chip sealing Snow King Avenue from Flat Creek to Scott Lane. A pilot car will be utilized to assist traffic past crews on this project as well. The bike path will not be chip sealed during this time.
Jeremy Parker, Associate Engineer for the Town of Jackson explained, “Our goal is to get on a 7-10 year chip seal program to extend the life of the roadway. Chip sealing adds an armor coat to the road surface, kind of like a rhino coating for your truck bed.”
Chip sealing extends the life of a road surface and costs approximately 40 cents per square foot vs. patching that costs approximately $5 per square foot and is a more targeted approach in areas of road damage. Patching is a way to repair the weakest points and the most deteriorated parts of a roadway.
Climate plays a role in the condition of streets with the most severe damage occurring during freeze/thaw cycles throughout winter and slushy times, temperature fluctuations, and frost heaves beneath the surface. Traffic patterns also affect road life.
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