'The Bus Pass' to ease NCSD parents' peace of mind this school year

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Student safety is the highest priority of the Natrona County School District while transporting students to and from school.
The district is implementing a new improvement to the Transportation Management System, working to respond to feedback from parents of students who utilized NCSD Transportation services last year.

NCSD has purchased and installed a Parent Notification System for all elementary students (K-5).
So what does that mean?
Students will be issued an ID card, “The Bus Pass”, to be used upon entering and exiting the bus.
"This new system will help to ease parent’s peace of mind by allowing our transportation department to take attendance of students on each bus and send a notification via cellular service to parents each time their student(s) get on and off a bus. As the year progresses, the system will enable parents to receive notices when a bus is running late; technology that will prove especially helpful on those heavy snow days when students are waiting for a delayed bus. Additionally, this system will provide important information to enable Transportation to increase efficiencies of timing of routes and address bus capacities," NCSD staff.
Transportation students, grades K-5th, will be assigned a card with a number that will be entered into the system along with the student ID. There is no personal information stored on the card and the card cannot be scanned by any other system.
Each time a student gets on/off the bus, they will scan their card by holding it up to the reader. The location, date, and time is then sent via a cellular connection to a website where NCSD Transportation and the student’s parent(s) can see when and where the scan took place.
Transportation will be issuing “The Bus Pass” starting the 3rd week in August and continuing through Aug 30th.
Please make sure that your student’s information is correct in Infinite Campus.
The registration requirements and process can be viewed on the District’s website. If your child rode NCSD Transportation last year and you have not changed addresses or schools over the summer, you do not need to re-register your child. If you have questions about registering your student for NCSD Transportation, please click here.
More information on receiving the new “Bus Pass” for K-5th grade students who will be riding a bus for the 2016-17 school year will be provided at a later date.
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