8 Adorable Animals of the Teton County Fair that will make you say 'Aww'

(Jackson, Wyo.) - The Teton Fair is happening this weekend and, while there are tons of events happening, we think the animals are the stars of the show.
Here are some of our favorite adorable animals of the 2016 Teton County Fair:
1. The educational and hands-on exhibit allows kids and adults to feed animals, like this baby pig:
Inline image 2
2. And this friendly bull:
Inline image 1
3. And this baby bison (although it was still huge):
Inline image 3
4. Kids even got to brush friendly cows:
Inline image 4
5. There were some moms and babies like this donkey family:
Inline image 5
6. Unexpected highlight? The super friendly goats:
Inline image 6
7. They loved everyone!
Inline image 7
8. Maybe because we were all carrying food...
Inline image 8
Do you have great photos of the fair? Share them with us here.
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