Call Bear Co. Tires: Be sure your kids' vehicles are in tip-top shape for the school year

Summer is flying by and before you know it, it'll be fall and our children will be back in school for another year.
"It's important to get your kids' vehicles a good check up to be sure it'll make it another year. Especially, for those of you who have college students traveling back to college," recommends Dallas Beardall with Bear Co. Tires. "As a dad or parent, you're not always around to help with maintenance so it helps to rest easy knowing their vehicle is in good shape when they pull out of the driveway."
Tires, brakes, oil, engine; basically a full service and check up is necessary. So remember to get your family's vehicles looked over before they head back to school for another year!
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Feature Image: h/t Carissa Rogers via flickr.
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