4 meaningful ways to support the firefighters on Lava Mountain Fire

(Dubois, Wyo.) - Maryland, Ohio, South Dakota, Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota ... these are just some of the states in which firefighters and/or personnel have traveled from to support the Lava Mountain Fire efforts.
The National Incident Command Team's priority is supporting the firefighters. At Base Camp the team provides crews with food, water, clothing, laundry services, showers, hand-washing stations, and more.
Many firefighters are sleeping in tents at Base Camp.

"We definitely have everything we need to take care of the firefighters, but we also understand people's desire to want to support and give back," said Incident Command Team PIO Nick Mickel. Their team suggests four meaningful ways you can make a direct impact on the firefighters working the Lava Mountain Fire.
1. Pre-paid Postcards - This is one of the simplest and most meantinful ways people can show their appreciation to the firefighters. The crew likes sending postcards home to their families so they know where they're at. Mickel says postcards with photos of the Dubois area are very popular. Pre-paid postcards can be dropped off at the Incident Command Post located at the Headwaters Building, 20 Stalnaker St.
2. Books and Magazines - During their limited down time, firefighters enjoy reading books and magazines to take their mind off of the difficult work. If you'd like to donate books and/or magazines you can drop them off at the Incident Command Post located at the Headwaters Building, 20 Stalnaker St.
3. Donate to your Local Fire Department - "If you'd like to give financially, we encourage the community to give back to the local fire departments," Nick said. "The Dubois Fire Department has been incredible through this entire incident and they deserve any monetary donation you'd be willing to give."
4. Toiletry Items - Although the Incident Command team provides these items to all firefighters, the Incident Command team will accept small toiletry items such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and even socks and shirts.
Above: Family Dollar has also put out shopping carts for donations for firefighters and evacuees.
Fore more information, the Incident Command Team can be reached at 307-455-4038.
Above: A few photos from Base Camp
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