Late Afternoon Storms Produce Large-Sized Hail

(Gillette, Wyo.) Today there is a 40% chance for showers and thunderstorms, especially later this evening. But on Wednesday a storm front moved west from South Dakota and brought two storms back-to-back around dinner time, producing hail in some parts of Campbell County that ranged from pea-sized to ping pong.
We have a roundup of some of the photos sent to us overnight:
h/t Courtney Finley
Tashanna O'Connor sent the above photo in from South Gillette. She says they're roughly quarter-sized, and that her son said "Mom, the ice packs are coming down!"
h/t Erica Relyea, Josh Werner
It seems the further west and south people were, the bigger the hail got. Some comments on our Facebook page indicate the hail was golf ball sized and did damage property. The storms originated east of the Black Hills over central South Dakota and definitely produced golf ball sized hail and tornado warnings there, according to the National Weather Service.

According to the Campbell County Sheriff's Office, around midnight last night, someone on Clarkelen Road reported seeing two funnel clouds, though claimed neither touched the ground or rotated. This was after the hail storms moved through, but during a late-night rain storm that hit the area overnight.
You can check out the whole gallery on our Facebook page.
Feature photo h/t Alisha Norlander
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