Rumor Control: The Town of Dubois is not being prepped for evacuation

This afternoon, County 10 received tips that the Town of Dubois had been put in the first stages of evacuation preparations by fire management personnel due to the Lava Mountain Fire.

When asked about it, fire information officer Nick Mickel says, "That is not true."
Incident Command Team running the fire uses a three step evacuation scale: Ready, Set, Go. "Ready" essentially means people are on notice that they might have to evacuate at some point. "Set" means they need to be ready to evacuate at a moments notice. "Go" means everyone should be actively evacuating. The rumor was that the town had been put into "Ready" status.
By all indications, Mickel said that the fire has slowed its progress today due to favorable weather conditions.
To clarify, Mickel said that there are no plans whatsoever to prepare for the evacuation of the town. He added that there is no indication that this will be necessary.
photo h/t Karen Birdsong Madorin
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