'We will persevere': Local man wants to bring accountablity to county

(Gillette, Wyo.) Clark Kissack's family has been a part of Campbell County for several generations. He's spent his life working in both the energy and agricultural industries of Northeast Wyoming, and has used his experience to start his own business and raise a family here.
This election he's decided to try his hand at a County Commissioner's seat, as well. Kissack hopes to bring conservative values to the board, particularly in the subject of spending.
"I'm tired of watching the county government spend our money faster than we can make it," he told County 17. "I would like to get the budget and spending under control. Every time you turn around, you see another building go up."
Slowing down the spending or stopping it for a while is Kissack's primary goal if elected. He's also hoping the county could have more of a voice in its state representatives in Cheyenne, as well.
"I'd like to bring some conservative views of how our county is operated. Try to get the BLM and the EPA rules and regulations under control and give people a reason to go to work," Kissack said. He thinks the excessive rules are hampering business and private industry.
But above all, he thinks the county needs a budget that will work "in good times and in bad."
"That's something different I'd bring. A more conservative view."
You can find out more by visiting Kissack's Facebook page.
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