Youth Safari Camp teaches youth participants the joys of being outdoors

Out near Thermopolis upon the Wind River Reservation at the mansion near the Arapahoe Ranch headquarters, a few programs, such as the Maker Space 307, the Poetics of Peace, EPSCoR, the Northern Arapaho Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Summer Youth Program, and the Wind River Development Fund are hosting a youth camp they are calling "The Ranch Safari."
Guests such as film maker Alan O'Hashi, photography teacher Barbara May, former Montana Poet Laureate Henry Real Bird, and Horse Culture teacher Allison Sage, will teach the youth participants how using the five senses can help individuals identify with who they are. Using iPad minis, each young participant will have an opportunity to make an individual short film telling their own story through the eyes of their film.
Youth learn the art of film-making with Alan O'Hashi.
The Safari will include field trips to various locations: a buffalo jump, tipi rings, a historic petroglyph site, the hot springs in Thermopolis and Anchor Reservoir. It is the goal of Alfred Burson to teach these youth the Native symbols and symbolism, as well as history and culture. "I want to help these young people learn more about who they are," Burson said, "and to teach the kids to learn to love the beauty of the outdoors."
For one whole week the youth will stay within tipis, prepare their own meals with the help of the Cent$ible Nutrition Program, clean up after themselves, and with each day's events they will journey along their own self-discovery.
Former Montana Poet Laureate teaching the youth the art of poetry.
Funding from this project came from the Workforce Innovative & Opportunity Act Grant, Wyoming Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), and the Wyoming Arts Council grant funds.
The Ranch Safari is in its first year with plans to keep this project alive, year after year.
photos h/t Manuela Aparicio-Twitchell
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