As the beer industry evolves, so does Tanager Beverages

Small breweries have become a dominant force in the beer industry.
There has really been a culture change at Tanager Beverages and while they all love their Bud Light they are obsessed with craft beer and everything that goes with it.
“We love when new beers are released and we get to try them first! We have all really become bigger fans of beer!” The entire crew regularly travels to The Craft Beer Festival in Denver Colorado in October to network and try new beer. They are always on the lookout for new beers to bring to the Bighorn Basin and not many of them miss a chance to stop into a brew pub or brewery during their travels in an effort to experience the next best thing.
“We do a lot of beer selection by committee, usually starting with a recommendation by one of the guys,” explains Joe Kondelis with Tanager Beverages.
The business has changed and we had to as well. “In 1997 we had 8 employees, right now we have 19 full time employees and 2 part-time employees. Every single person performs an integral part in the business and without one we could not provide the service that we do.” We have all learned more about beer in the last 8 years than we ever did in the early days, with all the new brands and styles we have had to stay up on our education and training.”
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